Tove Lo, the singer, has said she'll start work on her new album just after the new year and that it's sort of been inspired by The Weeknd.

Having a chat with Billboard about the album (which will see her reunite with 'Queen Of The Clouds' producers, The Struts), she mentioned The Weeknd, explain­ing that while she's not sure their songs are that similar "there may be some songs that melod­ic­ally have the same kind of vibe."

She also confirmed that despite rumours to the contrary, she's not upbeat anymore and that the new songs are really quite dark.

"I was more upbeat, but I'm not anymore," she mused. "I've been on the road writing all these super happy dance jams but it's turned back into darker stuff lately. It's going to be a similar vibe to ['Queen of the Clouds'] where maybe the music feels happier than the lyrics actually are. There's that double thing I love to play with. It's my thing."

She goes on to say that the music is her outlet to get all the anger etc out: "I go through a million emotions a day. I've learned how to behave; I'm not crazy. I keep the crazy in the music."

So there we have it.