Mark Ronson

Five new people have been added to the credits of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' 'Uptown Funk'.

Basically the five writers of The Gap Band’s 1979 hit 'Oops Upside Your Head' have been added to the six people already credited in the wake of a claim filed by publisher Minder Music on their behalf.

So along with Ronson, Mars, co-producer Jeff Bhasker, Phillip Lawrence and Nicholas Williams (aka Trinidad James) and Devon Gallaspy (the latter two credited due to James' 'All Gold Everything' having “portions embodied” in the song), it now lists Charlie, Robert and Ronnie Wilson along with key­board­ist Rudolph Taylor and producer Lonnie Simmons.

There's bit more inform­a­tion over on Billboard about how money from YouTube streams can now be evenly dis­trib­uted or something.

Let's listen to 'Oops Upside Your Head' one more time shall we:

What a tune.

(Fleur East remains uncred­ited.)