'The Deer & The Wolf' hitmaker Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor, aka Sophie Ellis-Bextor, has shared the 'cover art' for her new album 'Familia' with the world. Could have done without the black outline to be honest. Maybe some nice drop shadow would have done the trick!!

Here's the track­list­ing for the album, which is out on September 2.

Wild Forever
Death Of Love
Hush Little Voices
Here Comes The Rapture
Come With Us
My Puppet Heart
The Saddest Happiness
Don’t Shy Away

The lead single 'Come With Us' was 'premiered' by Ken Bruce on Radio 2 yesterday but hasn't offi­cially been put online yet because why the fuck would you want to do that in 2016. Still, here's a snippet of it via a tweet about a Snapchat.