Charli XCX has said that 'Red Balloon', the UK bonus track on her album 'Sucker', is part of a forth­com­ing soundtrack.

Having a chat to Digital Spy about the two extra tracks on the UK version (the other one is 'So Over You', obviously), she said the following words:

"And 'Red Balloon' was something that I wrote when I was writing for another artist, and it is gonna be in a movie and it kind of came from that."

(The artist was Rihanna and the movie is Home.)

Charli first teased 'Red Balloon' on December 31.

Charli also said that Rita Ora initially wanted 'Doing It' all to herself but she basically said no, apols.

"Well, Rita had heard the song quite a while ago, and she wanted it for her album, and I told her that she couldn't have it; I was being selfish."

She continued: "I said we can do it together, and she was into it; it was in the works for a while, but I knew I wanted her to be on it. And it sounded great when she cut the vocal, I was very happy."

So there we have it.

Eight centuries after its US release, 'Sucker' is finally out in the United Kingdom TODAY!