R Kelly

R Kelly's popped the 'cover art' and track­list­ing for his new album 'Black Panties' onto the internet and as you might expect it all seems like quite a demure enter­prise.

That image of him wearing a mask and appearing to play a semi-naked woman like a cello is the image he's picked to represent the album, for example.

The song titles hint at a love for sexual inter­course, but who can tell really.

1. Legs Shakin' feat. Ludacris

2. Cookie

3. Throw This Money on You

4. Prelude

5. Marry the Pussy

6. You Deserve Better

7. Genius

8. All the Way feat. Kelly Rowland

9. My Story feat. 2 Chainz

10. Right Back

11. Spend That feat. Jeezy

12. Crazy Sex

13. Shut Up

Deluxe Version:

14. Tear It Up feat. Future

15. Show Ya Pussy feat. Migos and Juicy J

16. Physical

17. Every Position

18. There's no track 18 but let's just have a think about the wonders 'Every Position' might contain