Lady Gaga new'Venus' hitmaker Lady Gaga has said some more things about part two of 'ARTPOP'.

Having a chat with MSN (as quoted here), she was asked about a tour and whether she would be per­form­ing 'ARTPOP' in order (heaven forbid) and that's when this was said:

"Once I start to get the story together [for the live show], I’ll figure out if I’m gonna keep it in order or not. And by then, as well, I might have Act II out from the album, and it might be nice to play both acts on the tour."


She also claimed she's ditched the idea of making one album full of pop and one album full of art.

"In the beginning I was thinking of splitting the album up into two parts based on what I thought was more pop and what I thought was more art," she explained. “But this was during the inception of the record and I wasn’t even quite sure what 'artpop' meant yet."

Fortunately of course that uncer­tainty has now been resolved.