One Direction newOne Direction have done some YouTube content to announce that the follow-up to their cinematic opus 'This Is Us' will be coming to 'theatres' for one weekend only.

"If you haven’t had a chance to come see us at our ‘Where We Are’ stadium tour this year, or you simply just want to relive it again, we’ve got a very, very special announce­ment for you," Niall declared in a YouTube video, before Zayn divulged the details.

According to Liam, the film will include the concert plus "an exclusive interview with us talking about what happens on tour", which basically equates to 75 minutes of 'concert footage in high defin­i­tion' and 15 minutes of interview.

Unfit and improper person Louis kept quiet during the video, perhaps still mulling over his failed bid to make fans stump up the cash to buy that football club.

Anyway the weekend of joy will take place on the October 11 and 12, before the film's (it's not really a film is it) inev­it­able release on DVD and 'Blu-ray' on December 1.

That was the trailer thing.