According to The Sun, former One Direction guitarist Niall Horan is working with quite good producer Greg Kurstin on songs for his solo album.

This is one of those stories where a well-placed 'source' says things in order to confirm something they were probably told offi­cially, so do bear with us.

Aforementioned 'source' says: “Niall wrote with One Direction but he’s got a real talent, and the bosses are hoping to make the most of that by teaming him up with some brilliant people."

He wants to move away from boyband stuff and show what he can do, and he’s being doing some great work with Greg, among others.”

Right, not being funny though, but wasn't there a worry about him coming from a man­u­fac­tured band? Perhaps that he wouldn't be taken seriously?

There was a worry at first that because he came from a man­u­fac­tured band, he wouldn’t be taken seriously," the 'source' confirmed. “But people are queueing around the block to record with him."

It’s early days, but this record looks like it could really be something special.”

Imagine if Niall sneaks in with something amazing while all eyes are on Harry and a couple of eyes are on Liam.

Poor Louis.