Marina & The Diamonds is well fucked off about her songs being leaked.

After two songs — 'Living Dead' and 'Sex Yeah' — were leaked online at the end of January, Marina did what any popstar would do and took to Twitter to post a perhaps cryptic message, saying: "Msg for minorty [sic]: If you knew the means by which they were obtained, you would never have listened to them. Makes me feel so sad".


Talking about the leaks in more depth on her blog last night, Marina urged fans not to endorse the "crappy, shitty life­styles" of the "grim and unworthy char­ac­ters" who leaked the demos.

"I know that the inten­tions behind listening to leaked songs are innocent," she wrote. "I don't even mind if you listen to them! But just so you know, in doing so you are now sup­port­ing the idea that nobody had the right to basic privacy. And by nobody, that means you too, somewhere down the line, later in your life, when you will have forgotten about this blog post."

Marina also confirmed that her new album will not be out this year, and that it could take up to five years for it to be released because "the more leaks that happen, the slower I go".

Two men were arrested at the end of last year in Germany after they allegedly hacked into the computers of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson and stole songs which were sold online. You can read Marina's blog in full here.