Marina & The Diamonds reckons she could 'do a Perry' and bombard the British public with up to six singles off her 'Electra Heart' album.

Speaking to Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, when 'probed' about ex-tourmate Katy Perry and whether she could replicate her album campaign tactics, Marina said: "I reckon — it all depends — but I reckon I could do six."

So that's another three more, then.

"I have a song called 'Bubblegum *beep*'" she hinted, acknow­ledging radio con­straints. "In Europe, when I go on promo there, they're like 'Are you making 'Bubblegum *beep*' a single? Because it's amazing' and they'll play it but in the UK you can't play '*beep*'. Some songs sound like singles, but you can't release them.

'Power & Control' is out now, as is 'Electra Heart'. As is the first album for that matter but that's not the point is it.