'One Foot Boy' hitmaker Mika has been waffling on about his forth­com­ing album 'The Origin Of Love' and spe­cific­ally about how the notori­ously picky Pharrell Williams ended up working on it.

"He called me," he insisted to Kaltblut Magazine. "I wanted to work with him for a while and it never really happened, and out of the blue I got a text and I called him back. He said that he really thought that it was right for us to work together, and he was quite insistent and I was quite excited by it."

The story doesn't end there of course: "He said 'I really like what you’re doing and really would love having fun in the studio with you'. That was probably the biggest com­pli­ment. I was really happy that he wanted to work and he had that attitude."

Mind you, it's not good news for some other mooted col­lab­or­at­ors, as Mika confirmed: "William Orbit and Martin Solveig are not on the album."

(Do you think Madonna got all of Mika's cast-offs and not just 'Gang Bang'?)

'The Origin Of Love' is out on September 16.