'Back That Up (Do It)' chanteuse Madonna's manager Guy Oseary has said the whole 'partial beyoncé' business before Christmas nearly didn't happen this year because it was all so last-minute and there was some boring nonsense with iTunes or something.

Basically, it looked at one point as though it would all be delayed until January 5, by which point the internet might have actually collapsed from all the song leaks.

"There was a chance that tech­nic­ally it was not possible because it was so last-minute," Oseary mused to Billboard. "Normally it wouldn't be the end of the world, but because iTunes was shutting down [we assume he means for Christmas] we were told that it would either go live at 11:30 East Coast time [on December 20] or January 5."

As you can imagine, Madonna was quite upset about it all.

"We didn't know, so we get this phone call at 8:30 at night saying, "we are good." She [Madonna] was saying her prayers, we were all just hoping. And she was dev­ast­ated — I mean, dev­ast­ated and sickened that someone would do this to her and not allow her the chance to share the finished product with people."

Oseary confirms elsewhere that first single 'Living For Love' will be 'pushed' properly in January and that there will be a video etc next month.