louis-tomlinson1dBackseat smoking doc­u­menter Louis Tomlinson has had his takeover bid for Doncaster Rovers football club rejected.

The idea was that Tomlinson would become a co-owner of the club with former chairman John Ryan. But according to Digital Spy the pair's bid was rejected because they didn't pass the Football League's "fit and proper person's test", which is quite the criticism when you think about it.

Naturally the One Direction frontman 'took to Twitter' to express how "gutted" he was about the whole thing.

He also insinu­ated that the crowd­fund­ing campaign he'd set up to try and raise the £2m needed might have also been a bit of an issue.

It's a shame really that rather than trying to get One Direction fans to buy the club he didn't just put up all the cash from his own huge personal fortune. Oh well!