Lady GagaLady Gaga's been chatting away about 'ARTPOP' 'Act' 2 and she'd quite like it to be out within the next twelve months (don't rush yourself love) if possible.

Having a chat with NRJ Radio (as quoted here), the 'Venus' hitmaker mused:

"I wrote so much music for 'ARTPOP' and I’ve been writing more as well. I have thought about putting out the second act and right now I’m just getting ready for the tour."

So will it be similar to the first 'act'?

"It’s actually very different from what is on the first act, I think that’s why I say it will be 'Act 2' because it’s a pro­gres­sion. It’s very important that when I put music out that you hear a really strong evolution because I’m changing all the time."

Getting to the release schedule bit, she had good news and bad news:

"So, I’m hoping to put it out within the next year and I’m also very excited that me and Tony Bennett [SHE MEANS 'TONY BENNETT AND I'] are putting out a jazz album together called 'Cheek to Cheek' this year."