Girls Aloud in a rowKimberley Walsh has written about how Girls Aloud decided to call it a day in her new auto­bi­o­graphy, 'A Whole Lot Of History'.

In an extract published in The Sun today, Kimberley says trouble started when Nadine decided to find her own manager without telling the rest of the group.

Kimberley writes: "It turned out that Nadine had taken on someone to represent her as a solo entity, and we knew abso­lutely nothing about it. We felt like we’d been sucker-punched."

"The following Out Of Control tour in the spring of 2009 wasn’t the beginning of the end for Girls Aloud — it was almost the end of the end."

It also turns out that Nadine appar­ently refused to sign off a public statement about the split — leading to that hastily-scrawled Twitter announce­ment.

"An hour before the very last show," Kimberley explains, "Nadine point blank refused to agree to any kind of press release — but we had to let the fans know somehow."

"In the end, we made the announce­ment on Twitter which we thought would be a nice direct con­nec­tion to the fans."

What a mess. :(