Girls Aloud in a row

Sensational scenes for a Friday: Girls Aloud haven't actually offi­cially properly split up.

This semi-news has been revealed by the band's chief cho­reo­grapher and passport guardian Nadine Coyle in an interview with the Daily Mirror. The Mirror note that "Nadine refused to sign a contract form­al­ising their sep­ar­a­tion – a piece of paper she still has not signed to this day".

I never signed it," Nadine says, "so tech­nic­ally I'm still in Girls Aloud; I'm a one man band! I need holograms made up of them so I can go back out on stage in 30 years time…!”

She's making light of the situation but there is a serious point here. In a very strict and we're sure com­pletely legally binding sense Girls Aloud have not split up so we don't think it's too much of a stretch to state that the band could in theory release a brand new single — or even a fresh triple album — before Christmas.

Elsewhere in the Mirror chat, Nadine — who famously tweeted this the morning after the The Twitlonger Of Doom — said the following paragraph's worth of words, this time (we think) with regards to the band issuing a press statement:

I didn't want to put my name to anything to do with it so I said [to man­age­ment], 'If you want to write this thing from these four, then write it from these four — but I am taking no part in it.'"

'These four.' :(

There's more along similar lines 'vis-a-vis' Nadine being the only one that wanted to carry on with it all, but you can head over to the Mirror's site to read all that.

Exciting news about the potential new Girls Aloud single though right?