Former Debenhams TV advert star Foxes has shared some things about her forth­com­ing album, 'All I Need', including what they've decided to use for the artwork and the track­list­ing.

The artwork is at the top of this post. It has a white border, which may explain why the image appears to have been incor­rectly aligned.

Below are the songs and the order she'd like them to be listened in, but obviously feel free to mix them about if you like:

1. Rise Up (Intro)
2. Better Love
3. Body Talk
4. Cruel <<< VERY GOOD
5. If You Leave Me Now
6. Amazing
7. Devil Side
8. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
9. Wicked Love
10. Scar
11. Money
12. On My Way

Deluxe Edition

13. Shoot Me Down
14. Lose My Cool
15. All I Need
16. Rise Up (Reprise)

It's out on February 5 and is really quite good you know.