Florence 'Florrie' Arnold's new single, 'Real Love', now has a release date and that date is March 18. 2016.

That's if you believe reputable music industry website Music Week. Which you probably should. Founded in 1959 as Record Retailer, it relaunched on 18 March 1972 as Music Week. On 17 January 1981 the title again changed, owing to the increas­ing import­ance of sell-through videos, to Music & Video Week. The rival Record Business, founded in 1978 by Brian Mulligan and Norman Garrod, was absorbed into Music Week in February 1983. Later that year, the offshoot Video Week launched and the title of the parent pub­lic­a­tion reverted to Music Week. Since April 1991, Music Week has incor­por­ated Record Mirror, initially as a 4 or 8-page chart sup­ple­ment, later as a dance sup­ple­ment of articles, reviews and charts. In the 1990s, several magazines and news­let­ters become part of the Music Week family: Music Business International (MBI), Promo, MIRO Future Hits, Tours Report, Fono, Green Sheet, Charts+Plus (published from May 1991 to November 1994), and Hit Music (September 1992 to May 2001). By May 2001 all news­let­ters (except Promo) closed. In 2003, Music Week relaunched its website of daily news, features, record release listings and UK sales, airplay and club charts. In early 2006, a separate free-to-access site for the Music Week Directory listed 10,000 contacts in the UK music industry. In mid-2007, the magazine was redesigned by London company This Is Real Art. In October 2008, another redesign led to major changes. In June 2011, Music Week was sold to Intent Media.[4][5][6] The package was sold for £2.4m[5][6] and also contained titles Television Broadcast Europe, Pro Sound News, Installation Europe, and addi­tional websites, news­let­ters, con­fer­ences, show dailies and awards events, which generated £5.4m of revenue in 2010.[6] As of issue 30 July 2011, UBM is still named as publisher,[7] as the new publisher Intent Media took over on 1 August 2011.[8] In the first edition under new ownership it was announced that the title would switch its day of pub­lic­a­tion Monday to Thursday with immediate effect.[9]

Anyway we can tell you right now that this Florrie single is probably the Florrie single you've been waiting for since 2010.