Ellie Goulding

The star of the short doc­u­ment­ary Ellie Goulding: Healthy Eating on Tour, ie Ellie Goulding, has recorded the theme song for the new Bridget Jones film. The song's called 'Still Falling For You'.

That big image above of her having a bit of a sleep is the song's 'cover art', obviously.

You can hear a bit of the song by clicking on this link right here. If, however, you want to read some searing words to help paint a picture of what it sounds like, here's what The Sun's invest­ig­at­ive journ­al­ist Dan Wootton had to say about it all:

"I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the song yesterday and can confirm it is yet another triumph from the star."

He means 'peek' and despite saying he's heard it multiple times doesn't mention any lyrics or even what the song sounds like.

Anyway, the song's out on Friday.