Cher LloydCher Lloyd has said that the delay in releasing her new album has been "a pain in the arse".

She also insists that when the label made her go back into the studio to find "some more magic" (a first single), nothing actually changed on the album at all.

"I think that sometimes the industry can panic and you have to be ready to take a risk, you know," she mused to Digital Spy. "If you're not taking a risk then what you have is boring. You do need to go in and find your magic."

"I've taken many risks on this album and I didn't need to find any more magic, the album was done, ready and it's a bit of a pain in the arse that it got delayed," she continued. "It's only my fans that suffer, and they have to wait longer for it. So it should have been brought out earlier."

'Sorry I'm Late' came out in America in May but is finally out in the UK on July 28.