'SuperLove' hitmaker Charli XCX has been chatting away about how song­writ­ing for others is something she's very much into again after the whole 'I Love It'/'Fancy' fallout.

"I’m obsessed with it," she told BEAT magazine. "I’m trying to do loads of song­writ­ing. I want to cancel promo to go and write songs for people, which I think is fair because that’s part of who I am as an artist."

Exhibit A: "I might be working with Charlie Puth. I got his phone number and the first thing I text him was ‘hey Charlie Puth, imagine if we got married then we’d both be called Charlie Puth, hahaha’."


"He didn’t text back for a while."

On the topic of song­writ­ing for others, Charli added: "People are always like ‘you’re this girl who’s a pop star but also a writer’ but half the time I don’t get the chance to write for other people anymore. So I feel like I’m living a lie."

You see this is where someone should probably step in and suggest a bit of time off and a lie down but 'hey ho'.