Carly 'It's A Shame About' Rae Jepsen has revealed the secret behind keeping per­form­ances of 'Call Me Maybe' 'fresh' for her and her audience: she just gets some different dancers in.

Talking to MTV backstage at the Teen Choice Awards, Jeppo explained: "We like to do a little bit of a twist to it every single time so it's not the exact same show, the exact same per­form­ance."

"[For example, this time] instead of girl dancers, we have boy dancers."


She also said that when her single comes on the radio, as it does quite often, she just gets really "shy" and doesn't really know what to do. We'd recommend standing on a table and shouting "BE QUIET EVERYONE THIS IS MY SONG ME ME ME LET ME HAVE MY MOMENT LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME WOOOOOOOOO".