BAP-2014Today's been a bit of struggle, let's be honest. But we've made it to BAP time and that's all that matters.

  • Gary Barlow’s released a video of him moping around in a nice suit as a visual accom­pani­ment to his new single. (Popjustice)
  • Sarah Harding’s going to be a judge on some sort of modelling thing called Model Mates. (Twitter)
  • AND SO IT CONTINUES: Louis Walsh thinks Ellie Goulding might get The X Factor job, but who really knows (Simon probably). (Digital Spy)
  • Lady Gaga’s ‘GUY’ now has some ‘cover art’ featuring her own hand­writ­ing. (That Grape Juice)
  • There’s a new Donkeyboy song online 'btw'. (Scandipop)
  • Pharrell’s per­form­ing at the Radio 1’s Big Weekend thing in May you know. (Popjustice)
  • McBusted are sup­port­ing One Direction in Paris. (The Mirror)
  • Also, in non-McBusted-related news, One Direction have been filming something in Clevedon in Somerset. (The Mirror)
  • Some things about The Vamps’ debut album have been shared with the world. (Popjustice)
  • Bathroom selfie exper­i­ment­al­ist Madonna has ‘teased’ something that may or may not be related to a new song. (Popjustice)
  • Rita Ora and Annie Lennox are part of Mars & Spencer’s new ad campaign. (The Guardian)
  • Five, what you waiting four, if you want to three, two, one, let’s do it. (Digital Spy)
  • You can now listen to the whole Rio 2 soundtrack featuring Janelle Monae, Bruno Mars and Ester Dean right here. (Billboard)
  • Foxes has popped some #content onto the internet. (YouTube)
  • Kylie said she might have to leave The Voice but The Voice have said they might be able to make her stay actually. (Popjustice)

And for old time's sake…

What a song.