These Bits About Pop are fresh out of the pop oven. Careful, they're hot (actually some have cooled off a bit but approach with caution anyway).

  • Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland crashed someone’s karaoke party and posed for pictures with a partially uncon­scious person. (Buzzfeed)
  • EXCLUSIVE: Sam Smith has won the BBC Sound of 2014 poll. (Popjustice)
  • QUITE GOOD MERCHANDISE PART ONE: You can now buy a Dannii Minogue tea towel. (Dannii Shop)
  • QUITE GOOD MERCHANDISE PART TWO: Beyoncé is selling some sweat­shirts with some words on because frankly everyone needs a $65 sweat­shirt with the word ‘Surfboard’ on. (Beyoncé’s Store)
  • Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Chvrches and some other quite good acts (and Muse) are playing at the Coachella festival in April. (The Fader)
  • Former quadruple denim advocates Justin and Britney (Timberlake and Spears) both ‘scooped’ ‘gongs’ at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. (Popjustice)
  • Afterwards ‘JT’ stopped off for some average Mexican food at a nearby Taco Bell. (Instagram)
  • Miley Cyrus is the (pouty) new face of the latest Marc Jacobs campaign. (Nylon)
  • Marvin ‘of JLS’ thinks we might get a good popstar on this year’s The Voice but didn’t they say that last year? (Popjustice)
  • Lily Allen would quite like record labels to take more risks (ie not ‘Somewhere Only We Know’). (Popjustice)
  • There’s a new Lea Michele video teaser thing which sadly doesn’t involve Lea being fired out of a massive tube. (Popjustice)
  • Katy Perry has announced that she will be announ­cing her American tour ‘soon’ and wants fans to tell her what’s ‘prismatic’ (oh dear) about where they’re from. (Instagram)
  • Foxes would like to throw some cake at her fans. (Facebook)
  • Pixie Lott had to fight for the right to record a song Christina Aguilera also once recorded (and may have rejected). (Metro)
  • It looks like ‘Halo’ obliter­ator Nicholas McDonald has signed a record deal. (Telly Mix)
  • Superstar judge Mel C has said Matt Cardle is the best vocalist she has ever sung with (she’s clearly forgotten about Victoria Beckham). (Popjustice)
  • Quite good popstar MNEK is in the studio with quite good song­writer Eg White. (Twitter)
  • There’s a new Lily Allen song on the Girls soundtrack. (
  • BBC Sound Of 2014 winner Sam Smith has released a boring teaser thing for his new video. (YouTube)
  • Little Nikki has also plonked a video ‘teaser’ onto the internet. (YouTube) #content
  • Nerina Pallot is, in her own words, ‘back in the game’. (Popjustice)
  • Update your diaries: Katy B’s album has been delayed by a week and will now be out on February 10. (Pitchfork)
  • Shakira and Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ single now has some ‘cover art’ to go with it that doesn’t involve two chairs with their names pho­toshopped onto them. (Popjustice)
  • Liam ‘Gary Barlow’ Payne has taken the slightly unusual step of stating that he and his One Direction bandmates aren’t ‘clashing’ (Twitter) which pre­sum­ably means someone has said “you need to comment on this rumour” which in turn pre­sum­ably means the whole thing is 100% true, and you might ask yourself what sort of world we live in where a flat denial actually can possibly be taken as proof that something is true and what we’ll say to you ladies and gentlemen is that we live in THE WORLD OF 2014.

And just for old time’s sake…

What a song.