In a 'revealing' interview for US radio station KROQ, Lana Del Rey has talked about being authentic.

MTV reports that Lana told KROQ's inter­viewer: "I wrote every word on my album. There's only one line I didn't write in 'Diet Mountain Dew' and one in 'Lolita'."

We can only assume that all the co-writers, like Hannah Robinson and David Sneddon, worked only on the music.

"I really care about doc­u­ment­ing my life in a musical fashion, and I think the people that like me are actually artists", Lana continued.

"That authen­ti­city comes through?" pressed the presenter. "Well, by the very defin­i­tion of authentic, it means that that you are real," confirmed the Authentic Chanteuse. "And since I really have done everything that I said I did do, I think the kids know that."