Atomic Kitten have denied rumours that they're reforming for Eurovision.

'Taking to Twitter' Atomic Kitten Mk III members Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost each expressed their surprise at the news.

Frost told her followers: "Happy Sunday guys-Woke up to hear that appar­ently AK are doing Eurovision-first I've heard!!"

Hamilton seemed to blame the postal service. "Thought maybe my memo got lost in the post!!," she explained. "Haha, always good to know peeps thinking of u."

McClarnon — who included erstwhile member Kerry Katona in her tweet — said: "Loving the rumours & thank you for all the well wishes but we know nothing about #euro­vi­sion."

Rumours of their involve­ment started after mut­ter­ings that they would be following in Steps, er, footsteps by having their own doc­u­ment­ary covering their reunion.