Donut-licking piss surfer Ariana Grande's new single is called 'Focus' and will be out on October 30.

The news was com­mu­nic­ated by Ariana('s social media team) in the following manner:

The announce­ment was prefaced during a chat on Good Morning America, essen­tially to promote her new fragrance Ari, when she was asked about new songs and was incred­ibly forth­com­ing with inform­a­tion:

"Erm I'm announ­cing the first single really soon," she mused. "Really soon. Like, this week soon. Really soon."

She was true to her word.

In the same interview, also addressed the donut licking 'scandal' using these words:

First of all, my behavior [she means behaviour] was very offensive and I apo­lo­gized [she means apo­lo­gised]. There’s no excuse, or there’s nothing to justify it. But I think as human beings, we all say and do things that we don’t mean at all sometimes.”

Look we know this wouldn't have exactly calmed things down much but she could have just gone "for fuck's sake mate, I was having a laugh, calm down". But what can you do.