Amelia Lily doesn't think it's important that popstars write their own songs.

In an enlight­en­ing chat with award-winning-although-not-recently music website Popjustice, the 'Billie Jean' inter­preter said: "I think a song all depends on if the artist is right for the song and if they connect vocally with it."

"With a lot of my tracks we [she and Xenomania] picked them for the album because I connected with them," she explained. "If I played you a track that I felt I didn't connect with you'd hear a massive a dif­fer­ence."

Asked why she decided to work with Xenomania in the first place, she said it was basically because she felt like Brian Higgins was her dad.

"When I first met Brian, I realised that he got so excited about music and we had that little bond there, like a little spark, like a father and daughter rela­tion­ship," she said. "The fact that it was in the house meant I could just stand there sur­roun­ded by settees and record. It just feels so natural."