Hey do you remember May 2017?

Great days weren't they. Carefree, simple times when it felt like anything was possible. Until Liam 'Liam Payne' Payne launched his solo career with the most infantile single of the decade: a tune that far worse than anyone could ever have expected in which Liam attempted to express freedom and maturity while sounding more shackled than ever to well-worn pop tropes and coming across like the result of a nine-year-old boy being asked what he thought life might be like were he a pro­fes­sional foot­baller.

WELL PUT THOSE THOUGHTS TO ONE SIDE THEN CHUCK THEM IN THE BIN because this new Liam (or 'with Liam') single is, while still being 92% basic, a total triumph. Maybe it benefits slightly from lowered expect­a­tions but this one just works, doesn't it?

Great drums going into the chorus too. Well done Zedd.