We've already written about Sophia [ti]https://twitter.com/sophiasomajo[/ti] [fi]https://www.facebook.com/youcancallmesoso/[/fi] a few times on Popjustice, due to her being generally amazing, and the good news is that she's only getting better.

This stag­ger­ingly beautiful new song will feature on Sophia's forth­com­ing EP, 'The Freudian Slip Vol 1', which is out in February. For the time being 'Klein Blue' is out today in Nordic areas, and it'll be out elsewhere soon.

But what does Sophia have to say about the song? Well we just so happen to have a quote here to explain what it's all about. Any current or future popstars reading this should pay close attention, because Sophia has an unusually brilliant way of bringing her songs to life when she describes them, and there are only about eighteen artists in the world who can pull that off without sounding bloody boring.

"Klein Blue is the first song I wrote on this EP. It has set both the tone and the color on the upcoming album. The artist Yves Klein and his signature blue has been a great inspir­a­tion to me since I was a child. I share the fas­cin­a­tion for him with my father (aka The Clown). His visual world has been like a ‘backdrop’ to my life, you could say. Gold leaf and toxic pigments. Beautiful but dangerous. His art is extremely special to me and the first time I saw his famous ‘Blue Sponge Relief’ I started to cry. It was like watching Prince IRL. It was unreal and almost too much to take in.

The song grew out of a feeling of sometimes being mis­un­der­stood. I often get a feeling (both pro­fes­sion­ally and in my private life) that I’m perceived as a ‘dark’ and heavy person. In the song I say; if you see me from far, I can look black as the night. As if I am lacking colour… But if you come closer and see me in a different light, you see that I’m actually tinged with blue. Klein Blue."

Seriously though. What a song.