With the music world hurtling towards the hallowed Q4 period it's not really 'the done thing' to start talking about singles of the year, because doing so tends to ruin the surprise when all the year-end lists appear.

But let's be honest for a minute: even if it's not the actual best single of 2014, and even if Rihanna deigns to release a new single tomorrow, 'Chandelier' has to at least be in the Top 3.

Anyway, Sia's done a brand new version of the song which strips the whole thing down to piano and voice. Guess what? It's still amazing.

(The added benefit of this new version is that now maybe the eight people who were moaning about Sia not sounding like Sia used to sound will be able to get on board with the whole 'Chandelier' thing because in this new interpretation the song sounds as much like Old Sia as New Sia.)

This version has just been sent to US radio, and it's out to buy and stream internationally next Tuesday.

WARNING: Listening to this version makes you want to listen to the original version, but listening to the original version makes you want to listen to this version, creating a loop that could last for over two hours. Only click play below if you have a lot of time on your hands.

Label: RCA
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