Swedish duo Sharks are one of our favourite new acts. Their last single 'Wait', with which Max Martin was somehow involved, remains a spiky megabanger and this new tune 'Rebel' is a worthy successor.

There's shouting and singing and sonic shapeshifting and a sense of complete madness to the whole thing; the overall effect is Icona Pop meets Girls Aloud meets three or four other things with some AronChupa thrown in, and we love it.

We asked Sharks who'd been involved with this song and they sent us a long list of names including Linus Eklöw (ie Style Of Eye and one half of Galantis), Adam Baptiste, Svidden and Jarly, and Vincent Pontare (who's written for Mapei, Seinabo Sey, Avicii and Katy Perry).

The song's buyable and Spotifiable today in Sweden. As for the UK: WHO KNOWS.

Label: Sony Sweden
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