Earlier this year we fell quite a lot in love with Shallows' joyous elec­tro­pop stomper 'Summer Sucks' (seriously follow that link if you haven't already heard the song, we know you see links scattered through articles every minute of every day but that one's deffo worth a click). Now the duo are back with their second single, which'll be appearing tomorrow at your friendly local streaming outlets.

The story so far is that this LA-based band — the excel­lently named singer Dani Poppitt plus producer Marshall Gallagher — met at a house party, exchanged Facebook messages after­wards and ended up deciding to make banging pop music together.

Apparently the song involves Dani conjuring "the plea of a fiercely impatient lover, fed up with her partner’s apathy and refusal to fight for their rela­tion­ship". Sitting alongside 'Summer Sucks' this new tune shows a different, rather more pensive side to the band's music, but the big tunes and rather magical pro­duc­tion are still in place, so make sure you bookmark them.

You can follow Shallows on Facebook and SoundCloud.