If you're in the market for amazing Charli XCX songs but don't really want to a listen to Charli XCX you are in for some GOOD NEWS this morning because every single thing about the new Selena Gomez single sounds like Charli XCX, prin­cip­ally because 'Same Old Love' was written by one Charlotte Emma Aitchison (alongside Stargate).

Was it written spe­cific­ally for Selena? On one hand this tweet, from around the time we inter­rog­ated Charli XCX over whether she'd been working with Rihanna, suggests that perhaps the song could ori­gin­ally have been intended for another singer.

On the other hand who cares, it's brilliant — and it's the second at-least-four-star song from Selena's new album 'Revival', which is out on October 9 and already seems to be storming into Actually Really Good territory.