Private's 2007 LP 'My Secret Lover' (iTunes link) is one of the best albums released anywhere on the planet in the last fifteen years, so we're naturally excited by news that half a decade later its successor is on the way.

First teased back in July, 'Everywhere' is the first single and it's out tomorrow (September 3).

Key points:

1. As with most of the best bits of the 'My Secret Lover' album, it sounds like Prince would in 2012 if he hadn't decided to stop being any good.

2. It features G-Unit-signed west coast rapper Genasis (here is one of his more conventional tracks) which takes a bit of getting used to but turns out to be quite exciting when it all fits into place.

3. There are various mixes. You can preview them on Amazon (and buy them from tomorrow). The Flemming Dalum & Kid Machine and It's Overture ones are the best.

4. The "I'm, in, love - I'm-in-love-with-you" chant, the "girl I'll take you everywhere" bit, and the "baby baby I'm in love, baby baby I'm in love" line are three of the strongest pop hooks of the last twelve months.

5. We were quite excited about putting this up tonight but it turns out fucking Perez Hilton put it up three days ago which pisses on that parade a bit, but what can you do, eh?


Label: Universal Denmark
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