In the current pop climate it takes balls bigger than a prizewinning pumpkin to steer of the ubiquitous lowest common denomiguetta club  sound that has pop pinned to the wall by its throat, and on the basis of his second single we can conclude that Loick Essien does indeed, metaphorically, have a sizeable scrotum.

'Me Without You' sounds current, of course, but there's a lightness of touch in the production that lets the song itself breathe. Which is all rather splendid.

It should also be noted that 'Me Without You'  concerns one of our favourite pop topics: the nonstop blubbathon stage of a collapsed relationship. The opening line is "I put on my jeans and shirt and shoes the same, and I'll leave my house and show my face again". AMAZING. Look how sad he is in the photo we've been sent to accompany this. AMAZING. You can't go wrong with a bit of popmisery.

November 6
Label: RCA
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