'Hardcore Heartbreak' is one of the best song­titles of 2016. It's also one of the best songs of 2016.

As you may already know, Swedish singer Cilia has form when it comes to good pop music.

Cilia worked on 'Hardcore Heartbreak' with previous col­lab­or­at­ors Alx Go and Kim W (who've also worked with Tove Lo and Icona Pop) but this track marks a huge step forward, packs an abso­lutely massive post-chorus at the 1:50 mark, and sounds like a global breakout hit.

The quote she's chosen to share with the world regarding 'Hardcore Heartbreak' is as follows: "People tell me stories about their breakups, but in some way I always end up having the craziest ones."

This is a massive song and it deserves an equally massive audience. It's coming out in a couple of months on Roxy Recordings; you can follow Cilia on FacebookInstagram and SoundCloud.