To be honest we love this EP's artwork so much that we'd happily keep making its assorted tunes Big Songs from now until the end of time just as an excuse to show off the sleeve a bit more, but pensive advice-column-in-a-pop-song triumph 'Hold On' just so happens to be our favourite song on the EP so it's nice to be able to premiere it.

  • It sounds a bit like Stock Aitken & Waterman!
  • It sounds a bit like 'Break 4 Love'!
  • It sounds a bit like Saint Etienne!
  • It sounds a lot like Annie!

As you know, the A&R EP was co-written and produced by Richard X but 'Hold On' also features the writingskillz of The Amazing Hannah Robinson, meaning that it's a bit of a let's-get-the-gang-back-together affair as Annie has previously worked with Hannah and Richard on 'Chewing Gum', 'Me Plus One', 'Songs Remind Me Of You' and so on.

Anyway they've all done very well and have our permission to take the rest of the day off.

Label: Pleasure Masters
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