We used to quite enjoy having a Popjustice letters page. WELL NOW WE'RE HAVING ONE AGAIN.

Because excellent cor­res­pond­ence deserves some sort of acknow­ledge­ment and because we've got a load of them left over from last time, AMAZING BADGES will be awarded to the person respons­ible for each letters page's best missive.

Here's how it works.

  • Write us an email using words. It can be a question or obser­va­tion about anything we've written, anything that's happening in the world of pop, or anything else you think we need to know or can help with. You know how letters work.
  • The email MUST begin 'HIYA'.
  • Send it to [email protected].
  • Let us know who you are and where you're from. If there's something you don't want us to include (like your real name) make sure you let us know, and if there's something you do want us to include (like your Twitter username) do let us know.
  • You can include links and things in your emails but be aware that we might not be able to use some images on the site.
  • If you win a badge we'll get in touch for your address.

This is the sort of thing we'd like to find in the letters page inbox.

letters page eg2

And these are the amazing badges.

letters badges

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Once again, that address: [email protected].