We recently received an email from Form, one of our favourite design agencies. You'll remember that about a year ago we wrote about their 21st birthday exhib­i­tion, and wrote the foreword for its programme. (Form also designed the current Popjustice logo.)

The email was basically along the lines of "we're having a big old clearout, do you want to have a rummage?" and we thought well actually yes we do want to have a rummage. So we went to their office, rifled through two decades of pop stuff and came away with a big box.

We'll be honest with you here, we're keeping the best stuff, but we came away with a few doubles and having checked The Archive it turns out we've got a few of these things already, so we're going to offer a big bundle of stuff to win in one poptat­mega­bundle.

Here's a photo of some of the stuff.


Here's a photo of the rest of it.


As you can see there's limited, promo and generally amazing stuff here from Annie, Rachel Stevens, Atomic Kitten, 2wo Thirds, The Saturdays, Busted, Deuce and so on.



We know that quite a few of you are already going slightly berserk at the idea that this heap of pop history might make its way into your 'abodes' so without further waffle here is what you'll need to do to win it.

1. Have a look in the photos above.
2. Find a single, album or EP release that you like.
3. Design a new sleeve for it. It doesn't need to be tech­nic­ally good, it just needs to be a good idea.
4. Email your design along with your proper name, address and favourite animal to [email protected].

Do all that by midday this Friday (July 5 2013) please, for that is the closing date. We'll show the best entries on the site and the best of the lot will win the box of stuff. Good luck! (And thanks to Form for all the stuff!)