We should have guessed something was up when Justin Bieber 'homaged' one of *NSYNC's last singles with 'Girlfriend', but it seems like the *NSYNC revival has already been and gone. Today, two British reality show runners-up have unveiled singles that 'strongly echo' (rip off a bit) Justin Timberlake's first two solo singles.

Both are brilliant but that's by the by.


Act: JLS
Song: 'Hottest Girl In The World'
The Justin Song It Sounds Like: 'Like I Love You'
But it's different because: While Justin's 'Like I Love You' featured the sound of someone shouting "HEY!", JLS' 'Hottest Girl In The World' features the sound of oh hang on.


Act: Tyler James
Song: 'Single Tear'
The Justin Song It Sounds Like: 'Cry Me A River'
But it's different because: While Justin's 'Cry Me A River' video depicted a dis­tressed singer filmed himself getting off with 'some bird' in a presumed attempt to piss off someone else, Tyler's 'Single Tear' video depicts oh hang on.


Well three's a trend. And we want this to be a trend. So who'll be next?

If the pattern continues we'll be looking at someone who has done well in — but not won — a UK reality pop show, and they'll be covering Justin's third solo single, which is 'Rock Your Body'. Let's remind ourselves how brilliant 'Rock Your Body' was.

Look, there's no easy way to say this but it's got to be either One Direction or Ray Quinn. Watch this space! (Or suggest someone else in the comment box below.)