Let us just pause for a moment this Thursday morning to appre­ci­ate how lucky we all are to exist on the same physical plane as mil­len­nial pop elf Troye Sivan, whose new single My My My! appeared online at 5am for reasons appar­ently connected to its Beats 1 premiere. 1

Troye Sivan is the port in the current pop storm storm. He is a big deal and the real deal. He is the popstar we need and only occa­sion­ally deserve, a man who reflex­ively under­stands that only through being a pop fan does one have any hope of being a decent popstar. He is big enough to break the most sacred law of New Music Friday but amiable enough to do so without causing offence. He combines lightness of touch with a firm steady hand. He under­stands that pop isn't just about extraordin­ary music but he knows popstars are nothing without it. He feels, as many of the best artists have always done, like safety and danger. He is the absolute opposite of shit and he is only just beginning.

  1. Sidenote — if 5am song premieres based on ludicrous timezone dif­fer­ences are going to become a thing in 2018 Zane Lowe can, with all due respect to the great man, abso­lutely get fucked.