New, 'unsigned' girlband M.O (YES THAT IS FRANKEE 'HAIR' CONNOLLY FROM MINI VIVA IN THE MIDDLE) are still very much in 'major label-style pos­i­tion­ing' mode so their first single 'Wait Your Turn' was debuted on Mistajam's 1Xtra show yesterday evening (and they did an SB.TV A64 thing the other week).

'Wait Your Turn' is pretty good and M.O could easily turn out to be amazing, but sometimes with things like this you wish you could just fast­for­ward eight months to the bit where they're releasing the big pop stuff, so you know where everything fits in. As we mentioned recently in relation to Stooshe, the journey between this point and that point can be worth following, but only if something genuinely inter­est­ing happens.

Maybe if we're really lucky there will be a 'mixtape' soon.

There's no proper stream of the single online yet which is a bit annoying, but if you can be bothered dicking around with iPlayer for the sake of a band you probably haven't heard of you need to go here then find your way to about the 1:05 point.

Do you think M.O will grow mous­taches for Movember? Now THAT would be something you don't get on your average girlband pos­i­tion­ing checklist.

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