In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify in the last day or so:

  • Tegan & Sara return with not one but TWO new songs, both of which further underline Tegan & Sara's total amaz­ing­ness.
  • With new single 'Reminds Me' Noonie Bao continues to be a total class act.
  • ENYA'S BACK!!!
  • Disney person (and Hollywood Records 'signee') Sofia Carson does something totally absurd but also quite brilliant with Opus' 80s banger 'Life Is Life'.
  • Erik Hassle: WHAT A MAN. (Someone on Twitter pointed out yesterday that his new song was ori­gin­ally for Usher and is co-written by Missy and Timbaland!) EDIT: Yes, yes, obviously it inter­pol­ates this.
  • Highasakite's 'Golden Ticket' is a Wonkatastic synthy sadbanger.
  •'s back in 'make a good song' mode. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  • Everything from the All Saints album is far better than anyone would ever have expected 2016 All Saints to be. 'Ratchet Behaviour' is quite fun.
  • There's a Dr Luke-produced song out this week by an artist who's pre­sum­ably in the position of being able to work with other people if she wants. We're not really sure how best to approach Dr Luke pro­duc­tions moving forward, but for­tu­nately this par­tic­u­lar song is pretty mediocre so it was an easy decision not to include it in our New Music Friday playlist.
  • Isac Elliot has done a decent job of making a Justin Bieber song.
  • Sigala's new single, with Nile Rodgers and John Newman, has very few redeeming features and sounds like 76% of all songs on Spotify.
  • Having said that, the most generic song of the week is KINGDM and Kevin Garrett's 'Baby', which sounds like 78% of everything else on Spotify, pulling off the feat of being com­pletely ines­sen­tial without being totally terrible.

We didn't include 'Tom Odell', apols.

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