In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • The very excellent Sigala, Imani and DJ Fresh song we wrote about the other week has now popped up on streaming services.
  • Jason Derulo has made a terrible song about fucking.
  • Röyksopp have, for some reason, chucked out a (very good) song with loads of Star Wars dialogue in it. (It's part of a Rick Rubin-'helmed' concept album.)
  • Chiara Hunter continues to be Quite Promising.
  • Sia and Sean Paul have revived the concept of the 'single edit', a totally brilliant invention from the olden days which saw popstars  giving their tunes a bit of a spruce up before they went to radio. Back then it ended up being something of a ripoff because you'd have to buy things twice, but these days that doesn't matter because all music's basically free, right?
  • Josef Salvat's unveiled yet another song from his brilliant debut album.
  • Jack Garratt's decided to release an extremely boring new song.
  • A duo called BUNT. — and yes, they have a full stop in their band name, which should give you some idea how annoying this act is — have released a song that sounds so 2013 that you half expect to look out of the window and see Miley Cyrus swinging past on a wrecking ball.

We didn't include anything from the new 'Ronan Keating' album, apols.

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