In this week's new releases, or at least the ones that have popped up on Spotify:

  • Lauren Aquilina has a bit of a superstar moment with 'Kicks'.
  • Sean 'Seanda Paul' Paul turns up on the Little Mix single, doesn't ruin things and in fact makes 'things' about 10% better, which isn't bad but he does increase the 'Hair' workforce by 25% so all in all it's not a total triumph. BUT NOR IS IT A DISASTER.
  • NB: Little Mix, if you're reading this (of course you're not reading this) Radio 1 played 'Teenage Dirtbag' yesterday and didn't censor the use of "dick" so please feel free to unleash the dick in your own song.
  • The Naomi Pilgrim song: banger.
  • Pink's released her song again.
  • That AlunaGeorge song doesn't get much better with repeat plays does it. :(
  • PERFUNCTORY VAGUELY TROPICAL LILTPOP COVER OF THE WEEK: 'Broken Wings', as point­lessly reima­gined by Simon Field and his pals.

We didn't include 'Richard Ashcroft', apols.

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