What has been going on in
the world of news?

» Brian
admis he was an idiot after he left Westlife
($200,000 hair stylists 'etc'). (Herald Sun)  

» "It's a myth that
Leona [Lewis]
is a mil­lion­aire." (The Sun)  

» "Leona Lewis
is the first X Factor mil­lion­aire." (The Mirror) 

» Bad news for fans of Mariah
— she's on fire. (Daily Star)  

» The Guardian invest­ig­ates the music industry's 'music which
is popular has value and you should pay for it / music we are
trying to make popular has no value and you should download it for
free' approach. (The Guardian)  

» Madonna
has been telling Q magazine that musicians should not have to pay the
London Congestion Charge so that they have money for other things. (The Mirror)  

» Scouting For
have spent an entire interview pre­tend­ing not to be
the worst band ever. (The Mirror) 

» Estelle
says that Adele
doesn't make proper soul music but because the music Adele makes
doesn't directly relate to Estelle's exper­i­ences in life. 
  (The Guardian)