What has been going on in the world of news while we've all been asleep?

Amy Winehouse
won a lot of Grammy Awards for her now quite old 'Back To Black' album. ('Winehouse Wins Five Grammys' — The Sun)

» A lot of other people won Grammy awards too. There are a lot of Grammys to go around, after all. ('Grammy Winners: The Full List' — The Independent)

Whitney Houston
claims that Leona Lewis is a younger version of her — which isn't neces­sar­ily good news for Leona's future health and sobriety but is certainly a good angle for those busy people at Leona's Ministry Of Truth. ('Whitney Houston Is A Big Fan Of Leona Saying 'She A Baby Me' — The Mirror)


Singing thrash metal almost ruined Feist's voice. ('Feist's Voice In Danger' — Daily Star)

» Nobody wants a fat rapper. ('3 Meat Pie And Rising' — The Guardian)

has her retire­ment fund sorted. ('Cher Signs Up For Las Vegas Run' — BBC)

was not willing to let anyone steal her thunder at the Grammys — not even Tina Turner. ('Beyonce Needed To Sit Down' — Dlisted)