You will surely remember — how could you forget?! — the Cheryl Cole Double Sexcrab sensation that literally (not literally) swept the nation at the beginning of the year.

You will remember, too, how we marked the dance move's instant classic status by inviting you, the Popjustice viewer, to send us pho­to­graphs of the Double Sexcrab being recreated in your own homes.

The com­pet­i­tion was inspired by an unso­li­cited sub­mis­sion from Popjustice reader Alex Pierce, who in showing us her Sexcrab also revealed that her teabag storage solution was woefully inad­equate.


So we said this: send us your photos, and the best will win some nice tea, coffee and sugar jars off Amazon.

We have now had ample time to examine the entries, and can now reveal the Top 10.

First off, however, please note that this entry from Polydor Records…

cheryl cole double sexcrab11

…has been dis­qual­i­fied due to insider trading rules.

So the Top 10 is:

10. Polly Pickard's 'bystanders ready to catch tumbling Sexcrabbers while an aroused bicycle watches on' Triple Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab10

9. Jamie Smy's 'yes let's do this right by a window what could possibly go wrong' Triple Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab7

8. Rigil's 'this isn't going to look good when it comes to the tribunal' Double Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab6

7. Sham's 'can you two do this somewhere else, I'm trying to watch Holby City' Double Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab5

6. Fabián Callejas' 'a little too pleased with himself, but nice corner shelving solution' Double Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab4

5. Blake Dawson's 'who invited Christina?' Double Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab3

4. Ellie Hall's 'a bit too nonchalant for her own good' Double Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab2

3. Jack Cox's 'it was going quite well until we got to the grey underwear' Triple Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab1

2. Alex Pierce's 'original but not quite the best' Double Sexcrab


Which means that the best Double Sexcrab, and the one which scoops the coveted tea, coffee and sugar storage jars, is:

1. Tim Doble's 'animal print and strategically-placed Popjustice logo' Double Sexcrab

cheryl cole double sexcrab8

So there you go. Well done Tim and friend — get in touch with your details and we'll get on the case with Amazon.

It should be noted that this entry from the cast of Cats…


…was dis­qual­i­fied because it looked as if they found it a little too easy.

And to finish things off, we also quite liked this one…

cheryl cole double sexcrab9

…of which creator Carlos Salgado Naime — it could only have been Carlos Salgado Naime — says: "It might not be Cheryl's Double Thing but THIS is what happens when an architect loves reading Popjustice."

Thank you very much Carlos.

(Incidentally if anyone else would like to build their own 3D Popjustice logo, there's a PDF you can download, print off, cut out and stick together on our About page.)