The new Girls Aloud single 'Sexy! No, No, No…' leaked on the web at around 2.21 this morning. Within hours there was a dodgy video on YouTube with the song over someone else's video…


…and seven pages of chatter on the Popjustice forum. Here are some bits of what's being said.

"Once again Girls Aloud and Xenomania deliver something completly left-field."

"Parts of it sound like Klaxons and Betty Boo having a musical gangbang."

"I love it. And I'm not even pre­tend­ing to like it in the same way I did with 'Long Hot Summer'."

"Can't wait to have this blaring in my car. I want to go driving now."

"It is a freaking amazing track, but we all have to admit that it's not as radio friendly or instant as 'Something Kinda Ooooh' — therefore it will have a hard time to grow into the massive hit that the Aloud need to launch their 4th album."

"It is all over the place, but there are moments of per­fec­tion.  The intro is fantastic, I wish they'd do an entire song like that."

"Nicola's bit is the best! Again!"

"Oh my fucking God! I'm literally sitting here GASPING at how amazing it is."

"Please tell me I'm not the only one who has had this on repeat for over an hour now…"

"It's refresh­ing that Nadine doesn't have the opening lines."

"I have it on repeat too, and I still can't figure out the fucking lyrics."

"It's abso­lutely brilliant: chaotic yet with clear direction, sexy and dirty and classy all at once, fantastic vocal deliv­er­ies by Nadine and Nicola, and the intro sort of makes you want to jump off a bridge, it's the perfect pop single! For heaven''s sakes, can they do something terrible for once?"

"The intro sounds like a man."

"Loud and messy and hookless but good."

"What's fairly amusing is that this track is going to peak at #73 or something terrible on — the track certainly sets the record for most possible incorrect tags…"

"It isn't as catchy as Biology, or most of their singles really, and the intro just sounds wrong — but apart from that it is a number one…"


"Nicola gets the best line. Not that I know what she's singing."

"Not to piss all over the parade here but its not as amazing as most of you want to believe. I know most of you are not going to agree with me but when I first heard the track it sounded dead horrible. After a few listens I noticed what stood out (in a positive way) and what was dragging the track down. In my opinion the intro­duc­tion is the best thing about the song."

"Too much Nadine as usual and it's quite risky with the general public, but it's a great indic­a­tion of what to expect from the album."

"I am not exag­ger­at­ing when I say that this is my dream Girls Aloud track."

"I don't get what is so amazing about it, it's not as instantly catchy as Something Kinda Oooh but give me a few more listens when I am fully awake and I'm sure I will be loving it." [Added three minutes later] "*EDIT* Already love it! It's like they have gone back to their original times and it really is what I wanted them to come back with!"

"On first listen it sounds like a flagging band's last ditch attempt to recreate the magic of Something Kinda Ooooh but it's not as slick and much more disjoined. But… A few listens in and its good, not as good as SKO mind, but good."

"Hopefully the proper version will have much more of a bass line and the hook will made more dominant. At best it's a grower. At worst, it sounds like some session singers singing over a [generic] dance act."

"I was in love with it right from the first listen. It if gets you up and dancing at 7:30 in the morning, it must be good."

"This will do nicely."

"Am I the first to notice that the guitar riff sounds very Nazareth's 'Hair of the Dog'?"